I’d love to smash this unto your face but it’ll be such a waste of good mooncake.
late night cinnamon rolls as big as my face time ☻☻☻ AND MY WEEK’S SUPPLY OF HERSHEYS PIES YASSS. Is this ‘bulking’
Batik #malayweddings
set lunch (at Hungry Jack @ Yew Tee Point)
Comme des lontong (trans: come, there’s lontong!)
Sauce is so empty guys + nice view of fireworks!

lucid blog
Shortlived Eid due to army *rolls eyes* “commitments”. Taken with a (of course) monopod.
Rose gold can pass off as pink la hor
Portmanteau Menagerie I #3Garmysiol
My furry pet moth Koko helplessly anchoring itself against the strong winds #3Garmysiol
Rapture // the feeling of loose cloth fluttering in the wind. #ootd