As you can see, I suck at human anatomy.
This is my first time cooking (I’ve never cook before - not even maggi - cos mom’s afraid I’ll raze the whole neighbourhood).

Its not-oily-at-all green tea infused aglio (no its not sarcasm) topped with tumeric tempeh and portobello with a sprinkling of pretentiousness in the form of Kashmiri diamond salt and bain de roses (well initially it was earl grey infused with lavender). Ok very lengthy hor bai~
Can’t get lavender, diamond salt and flowers would do. Pray to the gastronomic pantheon it’ll turn out okay.

The truth is we all get tired, we all get weary. In fact, if you never feel like giving up, then your dreams are too small. If you never feel like quitting, then you need to set some larger goals. When that pressure comes to get discouraged and to think about how you can’t take it anymore, that is completely normal. Every person feels that way at times.

— Joel Osteen (via seabois)
State of hair. When I said slope I meant gradual smooth contour not duct tape the sides and ripped the hair off my scalp
I’d love to smash this unto your face but it’ll be such a waste of good mooncake.
late night cinnamon rolls as big as my face time ☻☻☻ AND MY WEEK’S SUPPLY OF HERSHEYS PIES YASSS. Is this ‘bulking’
Batik #malayweddings
Comme des lontong (trans: come, there’s lontong!)
Sauce is so empty guys + nice view of fireworks!

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Rose gold can pass off as pink la hor